LinuxTCP-IPstackTraining Syllabus

Skill Level: Expert
Lecture/Lab: 30/70

Eligibility : 2 years of exp with Linux and C as a student or as a professional and a BE/MCA or equivalent degree

Courses Content:

1. Introduction to TCP/IP protocol internals

  • TCP connection hand-shakes - windowing and flow control - congestion -reliable data delivery - statemachines.

  • TCP packet format and TCP evolution and application delivery experience.

  • IP addressing and architecture - IP routing concepts - OSPF and BGP .

  • IP fragmentation/re-assembly.

2. Linux Sockets

  • Concepts of Sockets - Socket system calls - Kernel entry to Socket interfaces.

3.User-kernel interfaces of Networking stack

4.Socket buffers and Linux kernel network buffer handling

  • sk_buff structures - skb_xxx macros/functions for memory handling - kernel data structures for buffers.

5.Transmission of data through UDP and TCP sockets and Reception of data through UDP and TCP sockets

  • Explanation of Protocol stack functions involved in transmission and reception.

6. Linux Networking intefaces and Network driver functions and entry point.

  • Net_device structure. DMA and Network interrupt processing. NAPI.

7. QoS queueing and Netfilter hooks

8. Netlink sockets.

9. Invoking network functions within the kernel.

10. High Performance networking concepts - zero copy data transfer.

11. Introduction to SCTP and MP-TCP protocols.

12. Interfaces to Kernel facilities.

    Assignments & Project:

The student will work on several socket layer and network based software development projects.

    Learning Project Work:

Each student will implement a packet filtering firewall, traffic shaping software using Netlink sockets, and implement TCP functionality (congestion control, on top of UDP).

    Product Development Opportunity:

The student, after the completion of the above tasks (assignment and learning project), will get the opportunity to work on our ground breaking Ethernet-LAN based clustering stack development, using modified TCP stack.

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