Storage Technologies

[Networked storage technologies, Data management, Kernel/File systems, SAN and NAS technologies]

Skill Level: Expert
Lecture/Lab: 30/70

Eligibility :

BE ECE/EE or CS or MCA/MSc or MTech with at least 2 + yrs of exp with C and Linux.


UNIX kernel and Linux kernel internals, fundamental OS architecture and various components, monolithic versus micro kernels, loading various kernel modules on runtime, comparison of various OS kernels (AIX, Linux, RTOS, Win2k).

File systems, file, inode, disk blocks, and bytes, detailed implementation of a file system, how it supports various file I/O system calls, interaction between file system codes to memory manager, interaction of file systems to LVM and device drivers, implementation of different file system and inode operations, super block, inode tables, bitmaps and different data structures used in the file system code, VFS and vnode, host file systems- inode interface, how to implement a file system.

Data storage technologies: storage systems, NFS v3 & v4 technologies in the context of NAS, SAN advantages, fibre channel versus iSCSI implementations, storage technologies like storage consolidation, storage virtualization, replication, high performance network data I/O offered by SAN, block-level versus file level storage management, storage software on backup and recovery, clusters, LVM and introduction to SAN-aware file systems.

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