UNIX / Linux Internals & Network Programming Training

Skill Level: Expert
Lecture/Lab: 30/70


Fresher BE/MCA or BCA/BSc in CS.


UNIX architecture, shell, system calls, kernel overview, multi user concepts, multitasking, UNIX process scheduling and process control, system calls related to file systems, process management and inter process communication, pipes, FIFO, UNIX system V IPC (message queues, shared memory, semaphores), signals and signal management, I/O systems, daemon process, session handling, sockets and socket system , network programming using sockets, socket layer, socket structure, socket I/O, socket options, multi-threaded programming and thread synchronization.

Assignments & Project:

The student will carry out several UNIX programming assignments, and at the end will develop UNIX IPC system software using various project development tools. In addition, he/she will be working on our Network IO Library development.

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