Projects for PhD Students/Senior system programmers

PhD Students can work as interns in our R&D projects

How does this programme work?

This programme is designed for those bright,  fresh engineers who wish to start their career in system/networking or storage industry . They will join us as our trainees, learn networking and storage from the core fundamentals under our guidance, and then work on one of our 3 ongoing projects 4 – 6 months, understand the domain well and then join us as our R&D trainees (or they can join other companies if they choose to do so). We call the initial 6-8 months as a project-based-training and candidate has to bear the expense for it. .  After  this training, they can become our employees .

About our projects

Our  projects   are highly innovative, challenging, and are new technology development to the data center-class industry. All project work revolves around Linux/networking/storage/system technologies. Our project students do very distinctive work  that they never can find elsewhere, and will be very useful for them to format their career . These are not the kind of “off-the-shelf” projects one can  find in conventional, low quality training centers.  These are NOT academic standard projects,  but industry level, enterprise-class work that will have an enduring impact on their long-term profession.  . Once a student work on this on-going project for 6 months, his/her resume will become highly valuable and he/she can find  great work at great companies who are working on the same domain.  All the projects are derived from the ideas of a technology veteran, who has 14+ years of Industry experience spanning Distributed systems, storage networking, clustering, Operating systems, virtualization,  and Linux.

We give all necessary training, guidance  to all trainees to help them carry out the project work.

( But  please don't expect any form of spoon-feeding)

Ongoing Projects

    Networking Projects

  • Development of a Thin protocol-stack for high-speed communication across blade-servers. [ Ongoing   project to revolutionaries the way  commodity servers in a  shared-nothing cluster communicate  across  the  inter-connect].

  • Our research on extending SCTP protocols, Data security for enterprises, various load-balancers etc.  ( Meant for those who are doing their Ph.D in CS or with 6+ yrs of industry experience. Please note that we are happy to work with your university/professors if they are willing to come to our office for discussions. ).  This project is to be started.

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