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We are not a conventional training center helping you get trained to find your next quick job, but a one of a kind, finishing school of computer science and IT infrastructure and we give formal education in entire IT stack to those who have a research oriented bend of mind, grooming them into their journey as a Technology Innovators ! We also collaborate with Universities and Research institutions across the world as part of our industry-academia program and Faculty Development program.

About Us

We are a Center of excellence for system software research and are primarily meant for experienced engineers with at least 2+ years of exp, wanting to re-invent themselves or to create their own deep technology startups out of the ideas we provide.We focus only on data center class technologies (Networks, Systems, Virtualization, Cyber security, AI/ML, Storage, Block chain & Cloud technologies ). Education and Training is just the starting point of our Research and high technology entrepreneurship . All members are mentored/conditioned by Peter Chacko, who is a 22+ year veteran , who pioneered the multi-cloud data protection and created two distinctive storage startups - Athinio Data systems and Neridio systems. We are the new name for High Technology Incubation center and Advanced Research.


Who we are

We are a one-of-a-kind, non profit research center, incubating computer scientists for tech India. We charge you a nominal fee, only to recover the expenses involved.(not to make a profit).Netdiox is founded by a passionate technologists, who enjoy guiding brilliant software engineers in developing new technologies.


Who you should be

Brilliant software engineers with 2+ yrs of exp with software development in C , having a regular job, but wanting re-invent themselves as a much better engineer/technologist around system/networking software.


What we offer

We offer a comprehensive education on Linux kernels or TCP/IP stack and then guide you on a research projects(industry first technologies), which will be released as open source software, so that you gain a fine understanding/experience on the subject.


All Trainees are mentored by the founder himself, who created two deep technology product companies in data storage, and cloud and cyber security Athinio Data Systems Pvt.Ltd and Neridio Systems Pvt.Ltd respectively.

All NetDiox research trainees, project interns and experienced professionals working on research projects or undergoing advanced classes or training programs are taught, guided and mentored by Industry veterans having at least 12+ years of industry exp with R&D projects in the domain areas including Networking, Data storage, Operating System technologies, Data centers, information security , Virtualization or cloud technologies.

Few of our mentors own US Patents and International experience. Few of our principal mentors were adjunctly faculties at IIT-Bombay and IIIT-Bangalore having more than 20+ years of R&D experience. Standards and capabilities of our faculty is on on par with many of the world's best Universities. Contact us to know more.". All these mentors spend their time pro bono, driven by their passion for fostering research, invention and advanced learning, as a labour of love.

Technical Papers

Our technical papers

Locking in the Linux kernel
The advanced note on C
Multi-core CPU's and Linux
A primer to file systems
Linux BIO and device mapper

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