LinuxTCP-IPstackTraining Syllabus

Eligibility : 2 years of exp with Linux and C as a student or as a professional and a BE/MCA or equivalent degree.

Course content:

1. Introduction to TCP/IP protocol internals

TCP connection hand-shakes - windowing and flow control - congestion -reliable data delivery - statemachines.

TCP packet format and TCP evolution and application delivery experience.

IP addressing and architecture - IP routing concepts - OSPF and BGP .

IP fragmentation/re-assembly.

2. Linux Sockets

Concepts of Sockets - Socket system calls - Kernel entry to Socket interfaces.

3.User-kernel interfaces of Networking stack.

4.Socket buffers and Linux kernel network buffer handling

sk_buff structures - skb_xxx macros/functions for memory handling - kernel data structures for buffers.

5.Transmission of data through UDP and TCP sockets and Reception of data through UDP and TCP sockets

Explanation of Protocol stack functions involved in transmission and reception.

6. Linux Networking intefaces and Network driver functions and entry point.

Net_device structure. DMA and Network interrupt processing. NAPI.

7.QoS queueing and Netfilter hooks

8.Netlink sockets.

9.Invoking network functions within the kernel.

10.High Performance networking concepts - zero copy data transfer.

11.Introduction to SCTP and MP-TCP protocols.

12.Interfaces to Kernel facilities.

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